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he enemy, hi●s extraordinary power of recuperat▓ion after a beating, which had s●omething very British about it, his strong po?/p> image

坙itical patriotism for his mountain home, his p▓assion for freedom from all alien do▓mination, especially of the ha▓ted “Feringhi”; but also for th▓e enormous difficulties presented by▓ the frowning defiles of the mountain barrier w●hich separates the basin of the Ind▓us fr

om the wide, secluded va●lley which runs from Cabul to Candahar.Th●e Briti

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sh seem to have been peculiarly obno▓xious to the people, for other r▓easons than that of faith.The Ameer, when● he proclaimed


a Jehad or holy war again●st us, struck, probably, the326 keynote a●s far as his people were concerned, when he said●, “A foreign nation, without cause or the ▓slightest provocation, has made up its ▓mind to invade our country and c▓onquer it.” The first advance was ▓made direct on Cabul by the Khyber Pa●ss.The small fortress of Ali Musjid● was attacked on the 21st Novem●ber 1878, by the 51st and 81st European, and t●he 6th and 45th Native Regiments, and ▓abandoned by the enemy after ●some sharp fighting; but many of the fugitiv▓es were stopped by the first battalion ●of the 17th in their retreat▓ and taken prisoners.By the end

of the year the● head of this column was about Jellalabad.C●oupled with this was the penetration of the▓ Kurram Valley by the second column under▓ General Roberts, which was compose▓d of the 10th Hussars and 12▓th Bengal Cavalry, four batteries of art▓illery, the second battalion of ●the 8th, the Duke of Albany’s Highlanders,▓ and many native regiments, to w●hich were added, later, another batter▓y of artillery, a squadron of the 9th Lancer▓s, the 67th and 92nd, and more nat●ive cavalry and infantry battalion▓s, raising the force by November ●1878 to

about 14,000 men.Adv●ancing up the Kurram Valley to Fort Azim, wh●ich was

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garrisoned, the Afghan pos▓ition on the Peiwar Kotal was attacked fr▓ontally by General Cobbe with a wing of t●he Gordons and other troops, and turned by ●the Spin Gawi Kotal with the 8th, the other win▓g of the Highlanders, and the 29th Native Infan●try, with the 5th Ghoorkas.Finally, ▓troops pushed on to Ali Kehl, which was g



arrison●ed.Both these passes were he▓ld during the winter, and the tro▓ops, especially detachments, were frequen●tly harassed by the semi-independent action▓ of the hill tribes, rendering ●necessary punitive expeditions, such as th●ose in the Khost Valley against the Man▓gals and Wazaris by Roberts’ force;

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